Somekind of magic

The best week ever. The other day my fabulous CF IDE arrived and, of course, it went straight into the Amiga 1200. CF

Then the other day I met up with my favorite geek-buddies and we spent the whole evening playing around with our old computers. I spent my evening struggling with the pcmcia wifi card. pcmcia

With this wonderful little item and a software called “Miami” I suddenly could scan for wifi networks. ssid_scan

And what do you know.. an hour later I could ping google from my ancient Amiga.. kind of magic. ping

Now I definietly need ssh, wget, and.. yes, a webbrowser.

And no, AROS is not dead. My little AROS machine still works, but for the moment I scan for a laptop suitable for AROS. The tricky part is wifi but AROS-friendly cards are arriving soon by mail (I hope).

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