Hello Intuition

Yesterday I decided I needed to get some C environment going on the classic amiga. There are some to choose from, gcc, vbcc (which I use on my linux machine for crosscompiling), StormC and friends but I went with SAS/C as suggested by a friend. It came with an installer and I had no problem answering questions and hitting that “Proceed” button. As suggested, I copied the “starter_project”, disliked the builtin editor (ed’s my friend) and compiled the cli version of “hello world”. No problem so far. It was the “Hello intuition world” that made me moan. I realized I had no clue at all about environment variables or how to write a proper smake file for the intuition libraries. Three hours of gooling and some rookie questions on different forums led the way though and finally i could see the wonderful intuition libs at work in my very own program. Hello_Intuition

I will write everything possible about coding on Amiga/AROS in the near future.

Also - got a package today. Kickstart 3.1 ROMS (only the best is .. the best) and this nice little fella! Amiga_Mouse

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