Getting Started

So, I decided to give Aros a go and went for the Icaros Desktop since I had the feeling that this was the most “complete” system. There’s a lot of information in the User docs, you can for example run Icaros hosted on your Linux or windows system or go virtual in Virtualbox. For me that wasn’t an option though since I wanted the “real thing”.


I watched Stephen Jones great videos about building an AROS based computer from old hardware which made me go for a treasure hunt in the garage and basement. I had some luck and found an old Asus eeeBox and a former HP Thin client T5740 which I had modified back in the days with a SSD disk an some more RAM. Aros boxes

Installation Media

Well, none of my target machines have any CD/DVD and frankly, I can’t remember last time I used one. I install a lot of Linuxboxes for work and play so I’m used to USB pendrives, luckliy I could use that for Icaros as well. So, I grabbed one of my USB drives and just followed the instructions on how to put a bootabla Icaros onto it. No problem so far, I managed to boot into Icaros live after half an hour or so.


Installation of the eeeBox was a breeze, although I haven’t played around with an Amiga for some 20 years I soon figured out what to do and how to do it. I will definietly encourage everyone to actually read the fantastic user manual for Icaros desktop. You will find it both online and on your Icaros Live/Installed machine. Unpleasant things - I never managed to get sound working on eeeBox, although others had no problems with it. I booted up my machine with Linux Mint and got sound at once so it’s definietly working, I need some more time with that one. Wifi didn’t work, but that was not really expected since there are few cards that work with Aros at present. If you wanna try, go with a atherosbased card. I ordered two for a few dollar from ebay and will see what happens when I plug them in.

HP T5740

Same here, everything went smooth and this time, I even got sound without doing anything at all. Of course, no wifi here either but that wasn’t expected, cable will do until I get my atheros mini-PCI cards to try out.

…and now.. what?

Well, I plan to try out a lot of software, old games, new games and get some joypads working. I spent most of my teenage years in front of my old Amiga500 (later 1200) and it will be great to see if i can discover some old friends. I also, of course, plan to get my developer environment setup and do some serious coding in Zune

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