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Busy days in the basement-office (where the not so lucrative but fun stuff happens). I got wifi and I managed to find a lha package with wget that worked out of the box. That was great, but I also wanted some kind of basic browser (for reading text) and ssh. We are a bunch of dysfunctional geeks with our own chatserver so SSH will be my only way to communicate with friends from the amiga. (something like the Skype/discord/slack of the 90’s.)

Browser.. I downloaded a lot. I tried to build a lot, but with no luck. Netsurf told me my lha version was too old, no luck. Voyager had a MAKEFILE that smake didn’t like at all, I havent given up on that one yet though but it will take an effort. Finally, I found IBrowse 2.4 and this one had the luxury of an installer. It installed a lot of stuff though, but who cares when it actually works. IBrowse

Well, I haven’t tried it with Youtube but.. still.

So, ssh is next. So far, everything I’ve downloaded is suffering from the same problems, the makefiles are not appreciated, but I won’t give up that easy!

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